Bountiful Blossoms


Today is a day to enjoy the beautiful, boundless blossoms on our crabapple tree. The view from my kitchen window is breathtaking.  Many times, my husband and I have discussed chopping down the tree but when the blossoms are blooming, one can’t even consider chopping down the tree. It is quite windy today, though, and the blossoms won’t last long.  They will be all over the car and the driveway.  We will track the blossoms into the house on our shoes. But in keeping with my new motto, to enjoy the wonders of the moment, I have decided to appreciate the beauty of the blossoms.  Plus, I know, that in the fall, I will be making juicy jelly and pies, which I love to do. Perhaps I will be able to sell some jelly as a Driving by Zebras fundraiser.

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