Is Home Where the Heart Is?

 Lucky Enough To: Have a Lovely Home.

Lately I needed a bit of uplifting and decided to watch some “teary”  happy-ending Christmas movies. There seems to be two themes: Love will win and returning home for Christmas will solve all woes.

This led to thoughts about what makes a home a home. Would the answer to that be true of all homes? Large or small? Expensive homes or barely more than a shack homes?

One year, my husband and I lived in an apartment in Cairo, which we used as our base as we traveled throughout parts of the Middle East and Africa. It was amazing how quickly the apartment became our home. After trekking around another country, and upon returning to the apartment, we found ourselves saying, “It feels good to be home.” This despite the fact the our bed was barely more than a piece of foam on some slats, water that ran out in the middle of a shower, and a sketchy elevator that often didn’t work. And yet, I feel badly even thinking of these few “negatives” as we had so so much more than the Egyptian family of 9 that lived in the dirt space beneath our building. However, to that family, this dirt space beneath the building with no running water nor electricity and rooms created by hanging sheets, was their home.

When I reminisce about this family, I fondly recall them as fun-loving, smiling, kind and generous family, who viewed this space as their home. Their hearts were definitely there.

A few years later, I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity in Cambodia. Many of the rural homes were similar to the one in this photo. These little charmers in the photo on the left, were bundles of love and mischief and were happy to call this home.

Many others lived in floating houses in the Floating Fishing Village on the Tonli Sap. As their home floats, and the physical surrounding change a little, does this affect what or where the inhabitants call home?

I am spending the winter at my Florida home, for which I am truly grateful and appreciate daily.  I think because it is so warm here,  the homeless gravitate to the area. I often wonder how the various people ended up homeless, what their  stories are and do they have a special place they call home?

And lastly, for a bit of humour, is this Wood Stork asking to share my home? It often comes to the door and peers in.


Please share your thoughts. What is home to you?  What aspects of your home are you grateful for? 


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