From Yoga Zen to Yoga Giggles.

Lucky Enough To: Enjoy Yoga


Saturday morning, as usual, I went to the morning yoga class at G.T. Bray. When I arrived I was delighted to learn that the class would be held outside. We first did a few stretches, with the Snowy Egrets flying above and a cooling breeze wafting over us. Gently moving into Zen. Smoothly we flowed into Warrior 1. Then ….. bursts of giggles as four adorable three-year olds quickly abandoned the play structure and charmed their way into our class. The children were enchanting as we watched their little bodies fold and bend into yoga poses. Little ones are so uninhibited and carefree. Precious moments and a gift to daily appreciation.

There is something so lovely and freeing when practicing yoga outside. We become one with nature: refreshing, gentle winds, sweet birdsong, the whisper of pine needles and the lulling warmth of sunshine.


Other places I have savored outdoor yoga include up a mountain at Off the Grid Organic Winery-West Kelowna, The Millenial Public Library-Winnipeg and Canmore, Alberta.

What are your favorite yoga moments?

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