Sweet Spring!

Lucky Enough to: Savour Spring 

Springing into action! I am lucky enough to have spent the winter months in Florida. I am a person who savours heat so I love it down south. However the heat has a habit of making the mind go numb; hence no blog posts for a while. Well, anyway, that is my excuse and, like the old cliché, I am sticking to it. Isn’t enjoying the moment what this blog is all about!

Have you ever moved somewhere for a specific reason, only the move hasn’t worked out that way? We moved to the Okanagan a year ago- for the weather! What I recall from spring 2016 is rain, rain, rain. This spring seems to be heading the same way. I am trying very hard to appreciate the dampness, as it is preventing the wildfires that threatened the Okanagan a few years ago. The moment the sun shines, I am out reveling in the rays. If you are a person who lives in a winter city, you will understand that feeling. Or perhaps you are a person who lives where the weather doesn’t change much. If that is the case, you may want to visit an area where spring is revealing her wonder.







If spring hasn’t quite sent out its delights to your place in the world, here are a few photos that I hope you enjoy.



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